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Come Shine with US

Carrie Kellar
Founder & Chief Solshiner

Solshine Retreats was founded by Carrie Kellar, a lifelong yogi, Entrepreneur and Operations professional for over 25 years, working in Fortune 500 companies as well as opening and operating several businesses. With her love of travel and spirit for helping others, Solshine Retreats was her passion project and a dream come true.


At Solshine Retreats we create and curate unique adventure travel retreats around the globe! Our niche is creating tailor made, all-inclusive life changing journeys that are designed for people who lead active and healthy lifestyles, and for those who enjoy beautiful accommodations, traveling in small groups, and giving back. We are welcoming of everyone on our retreats and are always excited to meet new friends.


I believe life is more about giving than receiving, which is why we include a “give-back” portion locally for each trip.  It’s a moving and humbling aspect of our time together to say the least. Solshine is not a “yoga retreat” company, however yoga is a substantial part of Carrie’s life and how she lives it; so there is always a yoga and/or wellness component and mindful activity on the retreat. 


Carrie is an advanced AIReal Yoga™ instructor, taught at Wanderlust Festivals, RYT 300, and an ambassador for living life. She has a love for travel, finding new adventures and is passionate about creating a safe space for others to be able to grow, transform and SHINE!


Action sports and adventure photographer, Zach Pearson grew up hiking in the white mountains of New Hampshire and fell in love with nature at a young age. This love for the natural world then merged with a love of visual storytelling and a new path was laid out before me. His fate was sealed when his grandmother handed him down her Sony A100, a relatively outdated but perfectly functional DSLR camera. With camera in hand, Zach knew his destiny was in waves, mountains, and faraway destinations.

Through his photography Zach aims to portray the connection between humans and the natural elements. The reason he pursues action sports and adventure photography. Outdoor adventure sports, such as surfing and rock climbing tend to transcend the typical label of “sport” and showcase humans harnessing the magnitude and power of nature; humans attempting to go toe to toe with something much stronger and more powerful than themselves.

"This is what I attempt to capture with my photography; the epic, mythical power of nature and adventure".  

Currently living in Portugal, Zach is also the founder of Zach Pearson Photo

Zach Pearson

Director of Creative Captures

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